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Meat free Lent

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As a Catholic (even one who doesn’t practice) I give something up for 40 days each year. Sometimes it’s chocolate, or soda or coffee. I’ve tried to make sure it’s something I would really not want to go without. There’s no point in giving up something you won’t miss.

This year, I’m being ambitious. At first, I considered going Vegan for Lent. Then I realized there was no way I could follow through with that. So, I decided to go meat free, with the exception of fish / seafood on Fridays.

I was excited about the challenge. I thought it was a good test of self-discipline and a way to maybe lose a couple of pounds. I figured it would push me to try new things, make new meals.

Um, yeah.

We’re a little more than a week into it and I’m already whining. Cooking two meals some nights isn’t my idea of a good time, but I couldn’t ask him to take on my sacrifice. It’s also not fair to ask him to fend for himself either (though he would)

So, I’m experimenting a little at a time. Pastas, shrimp tacos, things so far haven’t reached too far out of my comfort zone. I’m not eating any meat replacements – but that’s mostly because I can’t eat soy products, and the majority of them are made from soy protein.

So, it’s a challenge, and this weekend I’m going to push myself to find some more meatless dishes that get me excited about cooking.


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