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I’m not as fussy as Martha, not as loud as Rachael; I wear more clothes than Giada and use less butter than Paula.

I’m a woman living in SLC, UT with her boyfriend, best friend and kitchen sidekick, Danno.

I have had a love of being in the kitchen since I crawled up a chair against my mom’s kitchen island. I loved helping and of course, licking the beaters. I have a love of cookbooks and often have too many food blogs in my reader. I love organic ingredients, am picky about my dairy and I’m always looking for a way to make a recipe my own.

I want to be the first person you call for kitchen advice; the best baked good you’ve ever tasted; the dinner you remember for years to come, because of the food and the company.

I’m not graceful or gorgeous and no one’s gonna give me a cooking show, but I’m here, in my own little kitchen, running my own show.


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  1. I like your recipes. You’re a little bit more ambitious than I am in the kitchen. Keep it up! Love ya!


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