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Meat free Lent

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As a Catholic (even one who doesn’t practice) I give something up for 40 days each year. Sometimes it’s chocolate, or soda or coffee. I’ve tried to make sure it’s something I would really not want to go without. There’s no point in giving up something you won’t miss.

This year, I’m being ambitious. At first, I considered going Vegan for Lent. Then I realized there was no way I could follow through with that. So, I decided to go meat free, with the exception of fish / seafood on Fridays.

I was excited about the challenge. I thought it was a good test of self-discipline and a way to maybe lose a couple of pounds. I figured it would push me to try new things, make new meals.

Um, yeah.

We’re a little more than a week into it and I’m already whining. Cooking two meals some nights isn’t my idea of a good time, but I couldn’t ask him to take on my sacrifice. It’s also not fair to ask him to fend for himself either (though he would)

So, I’m experimenting a little at a time. Pastas, shrimp tacos, things so far haven’t reached too far out of my comfort zone. I’m not eating any meat replacements – but that’s mostly because I can’t eat soy products, and the majority of them are made from soy protein.

So, it’s a challenge, and this weekend I’m going to push myself to find some more meatless dishes that get me excited about cooking.

some recipes are too good for photos

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subtitled: Sometimes you’re so hungry that you cook fast forgetting to take the photos.

Last night for dinner, I made a dish I’ve been eyeing on Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog for a while.  Her MM sandwich always looked good, but this version, HER version sounded better to me. I used a little less butter, but that’s only because I balked at using that much on one sandwich.

I think it’s a perfect quick dinner, and I usually have onions, peppers and mushrooms around so it was a matter of thawing some hoagie rolls and picking up the cube steaks.

I just enjoyed this so much, and I wanted to share it with you, even if I forgot to prepare to blog it.

santa chip cookies

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Finding the recipe for these is a challenge I’m still working on… I can’t find the one I used.

It’s a very simple cookie. I’m not usually a fan of things that use too many shortcuts, like pre-made dough or mixes, because sometimes there’s too many weird ingredients.

However, at Christmas time, I like to have variety and making all these kinds of cookies from scratch is both expensive and time consuming.

When I heard something about taking red velvet cake mix and turning it into cookies, I figured I’d try it. Love the taste of red velvet cake and I love white chocolate, sounds perfect.

They are crumbly and not as sturdy as a traditional cookie, but worth the bite.


Christmas morning

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Breakfast Christmas morning is pretty simple as far as I’m concerned. My mom has always made scrambled eggs, and we have good bacon, warmed croissants and orange pineapple juice.

I wanted to have my traditional breakfast since it was one of the few parts of Christmas I could have the way I wanted. After buying some really good bacon from Harmons, I picked up some croissants from Les Madelines. They were made and ready to bake at home. Best idea ever!

Breakfast was simple and relaxed, just like the holiday itself this year.

So much to cook

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Recipes to try fill my bookmarks, my reader and binders in my kitchen.

So many dishes to try and make my own and then share.